Swanson Occupation Day 78 – Heading to Public Inquiries over the Fish Farm Escapement in WA

Day 78 ~ Sister Carla Maxmuwidzumga Voyageurand I are headed to meet our brothers and sisters across the border. Our people suffer the same problems with industry and governments intruding on our rights as first people. Our mission is to lock arms, deliver an invitation, and support one another. Port Angeles, Washington here we come.

We’d like to thank the family members that are holding space on the front lines while we do this important and necessary work. Molina DawsonSii-am HamiltonKarissa GlendaleSkookum John,Alexandra MortonNic DedelukClyde Dawson,Tsastilqualus Ambers UmbasGeorge Quocksister Jr. — feeling optimistic.

Maya'xala xan's Awinakola thanks you for your support!

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