Action Required! Template Letter to Ministers

Hello loved ones!

We’d like to thank everyone for the continued support! We need all hands-on deck to ramp up the pressure on politicians as a decision will be made within the next few months about tenure/license renewal. We encourage everyone to continue or start to write letters to provincial and federal government representatives.

To help ease the process we have written this letter (LINK HERE) as a template that any British Columbian can use to send to their local MLA and MP. We ask that everyone send a copy to John Horgan ( or

If you do not know who your MLA or MP representative is you can click on the following link ( enter your postal code or community then click ‘search’ and a picture of both your representatives will appear. Click on the pictures and their contact info will appear. we also recognize that many supporters do not use social media so if you can assist with printing, sending or delivering letters to the offices of the MLAs that would be appreciated! Letters sent to legislative or MLA offices do not require postage and if the envelope is self addressed we believe they are obligated to reply. We need as many people as possible to become active through this process so please share with all of your family and friends and get them to share it too!

Also, our youth will be incredibly impacted if this industry is allowed to continue so we encourage all of you to participate in this process. You may not be eligible to vote, but you soon will be! When you speak up it is incredibly powerful! Encourage your friends to become active. Parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives, speak to our young warriors about this issue and encourage them to get involved!

Feel free to edit or add different perspectives or topics (blood water contaminated with PRV, herring and eulachons becoming trapped in net pens, lack of consent with first Nations, etc.)

As part of the ongoing monitoring of this industry, we are determined to continue educating people on its history and update new developments. The following links provide detailed information covering some of the topics listed in the letter and our website. Please share this with friends and family as well.


‘Racing a Virus’ ( )

‘Salmon Confidential’ (

Swanson website (

Once again, thank you for the support and please take a few moments out of your day to help us during this critical time for our environment.

Gilakasla, Awinakola Warriors!








Maya'xala xan's Awinakola thanks you for your support!

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