Maya’xala xan’s Awinakola – The Day before Swanson Occupation (Aug. 23, 2017)

Maya’xala xan’s Awinakola is a group of First Nations and non-First Nations primarily based in Alert Bay BC that is working to support the occupation at the Swanson Island Fish Farm.

They call on the federal and provincial governments to end open-net fish farming on the Pacific coast.

Ernest Alfred, a hereditary chief from the Namgis, Tlowit’sis and Mamalilikala nation, and a fluctuating group of volunteers have occupied the Norwegian-based company Marine Harvest’s Swanson Island fish farm since August 24, 2017, and counting!

Neither the ‘Namgis nor the Mamalilikala First Nations want the farm here. They are working peacefully to remove the farm from our territory.

Did you know?


  • Young Nimpkish sockeye are heavily infected every year with sea lice at the Wicklow salmon farm in Fife Sound.
  • Farm salmon infected with the highly contagious blood virus piscine reovirus are going into our waters and the virus is spreading to wild salmon and herring.
  • Salmon farming is a herring fishery. Every fish farm from here to Campbell River has herring trapped in and around the pens.
  • Wild salmon runs have collapsed every in the world where ocean net pen salmon farms operate
  • Alaska banned salmon farms. Their 2017 sockeye run size is 4xs bigger than forecast!!

It is time to #RespectourSalmon

If we don’t get fish farms out of our waters, we won’t have food fish.
Government must support the fish farm workers as we get fish farms out
of the water onto land and let wild salmon and herring return to us.


Maya'xala xan's Awinakola thanks you for your support!